Hemorrhoids are a pathological enlargement of hemorrhoids. Nodes are plexuses of blood vessels, including veins, in the rectum. Normally, they are present in all people, but under the influence of a number of factors they can develop blood stasis and inflammation. As a result, the nodes become noticeable and begin to fully justify their name.

This can cause pain in the anus, especially when trying to go to the toilet.

Hemorrhoids in one form or another occur during life in 75% of adults.

What can I do to never have hemorrhoids?

Unfortunately, no one is insured against hemorrhoids. But if you follow a number of recommendations, you can reduce its likelihood.

Eat more fiber

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains make the stool softer. This reduces the load on the veins inside the rectum and anus.

Drink plenty of fluids

The consistency of the chair also depends on this. 6-8 glasses of water and any other beverage (except alcohol) a day will help keep your stool soft.

Go to the toilet as soon as you feel the urge

Don’t be impatient! When fecal masses linger inside the rectum, they quickly lose moisture and become too dry.

Sitting on the toilet, try not to strain

The tension puts extra pressure on the walls of the rectum and anus, which has a bad effect on the veins.

Move more

Activity will help prevent excess weight, as well as congestion in the pelvis and rectum.

Sit less

This recommendation applies not only to lifestyle in general, but also the time spent sitting on the toilet. When we sit, the load on the veins in the anus increases, which increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

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